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The First Council held shortly after the Buddha's passing emphasized the Hinayana teachings.

Initially, the Hinayana schools flourished in India, and 18 schools of Hinayana were known at the time of the great Indian King Ashoka in the first century B.C.E.

During Asoka's reign, Buddhism began to spread throughout Asia, and Hinayana became established in Sri Lanka.

The Theraveda taught the Four Noble Truths, there is suffering, there is a cause for suffering, there is an end to suffering, and the eight fold path that takes you out of suffering. 

The eightfold path consists of the following:  right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration. 

The Theraveda also places importance on discipline called the Vinaya.  Simply put, the Vinaya are the rules the monastics commit to in order to tame the mind and body.  One cannot reach realization without having first tamed the mind and body.  In the Hinayana or Theraveda emptiness of the self is eventually realized.  However, this is not enough to gain full realization.


All Religious activities held at "TNG Centre®" are operated under a French Cultual Association 1905. All other non-religious activities such as hosting cultural events and seminars, are operated by Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU®, legally registered and audited since February 2000.


TNG-Centre® is located in the South of France, near FOURTOU, a village of the "Haute Vallée des Corbières" in the French department of Aude.

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