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Wwoofing at TNG

TNG Guidelines and Etiquette

TNG Centre is a meditative retreat center and as such, a number of guidelines need to be followed for the benefit of the community.

  • The Lama is the main host providing to residents and guests their reason and means to stay at TNG Centre.You may address him as Lama Sangyay Tendzin.
  • Showing Lama Tendzin gratitude and due respect is appropriate. This can be done in accordance with the Tibetan tradition but doing it according to your own way and insight is fine;
  • The spiritual areas - temple, library, retreat house , and Lama Tendzin's residence - have restricted access requiring specific authorization.
  • The area that are accessible to Wwoofers are the Sangha area including the dining room, the dormitories boarding facilities and the residential park.
  • The Temple is sacred and a place of meditation, When entering the Temple pay respect to this sacred place by doing three prostrations. There as well, as in any place other than the dining room and the dormitories, take off your shoes and leave them outside or in the appropriate shoe racks.
  • Due to the meditative nature of the centre, sexual relations are not permitted. Behavior is to be discreet and speech is kept in a low and gentle tone. Consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes are prohibited at all time. The use of stimulants such as coffee is not wished for nor offered. It is yet tolerated occasionally.
  • To prevent too much excitement with the dogs, which is disturbing for the calm of the place, we kindly ask you not to feed nor play with them.
  • To show our concern for others and the environment, please treat all tools with care and put them back where they belong.
  • We also ask if you could keep your room and bathroom tidy. Before departure kindly clean these two places for the next guest.


A bell is rung at every meal start. By courtesy to others, guests are invited to be timely.

Meal times are: Breakfast     7.30-8:00     Lunch   12.30-13:30                 Dinner            18.30-19:30

Meals are shared together. Before eating we first offer the food to the Buddha and all Enlightened Beings.

SImultaneously, we call them to bless everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved in the food we are about to partake: from the farmers, to the distribution agents, to the person who prepared the meal.

It is a moment of conviviality and sharing. Nevertheless, communication is kept low and discreet.

All meals are vegetarian. While we strive to use organic food when available, everyone is requested to practice humility by taking what is being offered.

Until the vegetable garden is fully functional, a 100% organic food cannot be ensured.

Lama Norbu wishes that we take altruistic responsibility by adopting a sustainable nutritive system available to all, rather than to engage in egocentric fundamentalist views.

Unless requested on duty, one is not expected to walk into the kitchen.

For hygiene, in order not to attract mice, you are asked NOT to take food into your room.

Other Benefits

Following personal interview with Lama Norbu, you might be offered to attend  is the Saturday morning teaching (from 11h30 to 13:30;

If you wish to learn more about Buddhism, Lama Norbu will recommend books or videos upon request. Movies related to Tibet are shown from time to time at the Library.

On Sundays there is opportunity to go for outings in the area. When leaving the Centre, you are asked to be back before dark. Please inform the host prior to outing and let the cook know if you are going to skip some of the meals.


Last but not least...

Please be aware that a center like TNG is not a vacation place but a well organized and structured retreat. In this retreat certain rules of behavior and conduct apply, such as but not limited to:

  • The consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances is prohibited on the site and its immediate surroundings.
  • Silence is the basic mode of operation. This implies that shouting and loud singing etc. must be refrained from.
  • All persons on the premises are expected to behave in a gentle way.
  • All utensils and materials used are treated mindfully and with care.
  • Telecommunications such as the use of mobile phones and the Internet are restricted on site.
  • Would you need to have access to Internet, the use is strictly limited to a maximal use of two hours a week.

To apply as a WwooferREGISTERING at TNG-Wwoof IS MANDATORY

Wwoofing Programs will start in April 2017.

Registration Forms are now accessible.




All Religious activities held at "TNG Centre®" are operated under a French Cultual Association 1905. All other non-religious activities such as hosting cultural events and seminars, are operated by Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU®, legally registered and audited since February 2000.


TNG-Centre® is located in the South of France, near FOURTOU, a village of the "Haute Vallée des Corbières" in the French department of Aude.

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