All year round, members have the possibility to practice in retreat at TNG-Drubdra.


Access to this service implies to be a member of the Association managing TNG-Centre.

 Consult  HERE  for a choice of available Memberships

Concerning your retreat, the boarding at TNG-Drubdra (TNG-Retreat Centre), is not charged per se.

Considered as guests, retreatants are nevertherless invited to make a suggested donation representing his/her participation to the boarding costs covering full boarding, three meals a day, heating, as well as the use of the facilities put at the retreatants disposal : laundry, meditation hall, multimédia library, residential park and parking area.


 Suggested participation to the cost boarding & facilities - Year 2020


Staying at the centre implies a daily participation to the community in the form of two hours of  Karma Yoga