TNG Seminar 2023-04

Sangyay Menla Retreat 

September 23 to 30, 2023


Sangyay Menla, often known as the Medicine Buddha or Bhaiṣajyaguru, is a popular figure in Mahayana Buddhism, particularly in Tibetan practices. This Buddha represents the healing aspect of all the Buddhas and is believed to confer healing and well-being both mentally and physically.

The practice of Sangyay Menla is often utilized by those seeking to overcome physical ailments or emotional distress. It is also a practice that aims to cultivate compassion and healing toward others. This practice includes meditations, visualizations, and recitations of specific mantras.

Outline of the practice:

    1. Praising the deities of the Mandala 
    2. Taking Refuge & Generating Bodhicitta
    3. Contemplation on the four Brahma viharas
    4. Generating offerings
    5. Establishing the Kyedrim visualisations of the Mandala and its deities.
    6. Calling for the wisdom beings
    7. Presenting general offerings
    8. Receiving initiation
    9. Presenting offerings of 8 auspicious substances, 8 auspicious signs and 7 symbolic possessions of a chakravartin, Mandala offering, Bathing, drying, and dressing the Buddha’s body
    10. Recitation of the Mantra
    11. Praising the deities of the Mandala
    12. Dissolution
    13. Prayer of auspiciousness + Dedication

It's worth mentioning that the correct way to engage in this or any other Tibetan Buddhist practice should be done under the guidance of a qualified teacher or lama.

During this retreat, Venerable Lama Sangyay Tendzin will provide instructions tailored to the individual's needs and level of understanding. This ensures that the practice is done correctly and with the right motivation, as well as safeguarding against potential misunderstandings or misuse.

The sadhana practiced at Theg-Chog Norbu Ling is a “Nam-Chö” or ‘Sky Dharma’ discovered by Terchen Mingyur Dorje. It was composed by his Guru, the 17th century renown Kagyud master, Karma Chagmed. Like all Vajrayana practices, it can prelude to Supreme Enlightenment for those who observe Sangyay Menla’s vows or merely hear his name.

We look forward to your presence at this valuable opportunity to develop further insight in the sadhana. 

Kindly register on September 15th at the latest:

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Saturday, September 23

16:00 - 17:00


18:00 - 19:00

Sangyay Menla Puja & Mahakala Samaya

From Sunday, September 23 to 29

05:30 - 06:30

Individual Practice

08:30 - 10:00

Teaching on Sangyay Menla

14:30 - 15:30

Sangyay Menla Puja & Mahakala Samaya

17:00 - 19:00

Teaching on Sangyay Menla

Saturday, September 30

09:00 - 10:30

Gampopa Tshok

11:00 - 12:30

Lama Chöd-pa

End of Seminar