The Five Paths to Enlightenment

From December 11, 2021 until December 18, 2021

During the coming webinar, Lama Sangyay Tendzin will provide us with an elaborate approach to the Five Paths to Enlightenment.

Developing the subject of the webinar given in French, earlier this year to TNG-SUISSE, this presentation will provide further explanations based on the ལམ་རིམ། - ‘LamRim’ teachings initiated by Lord Atisha, which are the core of the Kadampa teachings.

The study of the five Paths of Awakening is essential to engage in the practice of the higher vehicles of the Mahayana. Such a study not only gives us the knowledge of the stages of the Path, putting them in perspective, but it also provides us with the training and the deep vision forming the very basis of an authentic spiritual practice.

Requested by the TNG-IPOH® sangha, these teachings will be held daily in the early afternoon, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm (Paris time).

Everyone is most welcome to participate. Webinar fee on a donation basis.