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This section is addressing The TNG Members Community:

This community made of different groups:

  1. The TNG-Dzongs
  2. The TNG Global Community
  3. The TNG Web Centre Registered Members

TNG-Dzong stands for "Theg-Chog Norbu-i Ga-Dzong" - "The Grove of Happiness of the Unsurpassable Jewel Path".  It is the name given to the Dharma study groups and Dharma Centres established under the umbrella of TNG CENTRE and the blessings and guidance transmitted of the Lineage through Lama Norbu Repa.

TNG-Dzongs are affiliated and managed under the supervision of TNG CENTRE estabished in France by Lama Norbu Repa. These centres are established under the Protection of The XVIIth Gyalwang Karmapa and thus operate officially under the Blessings and Protection of His Holiness, Orgyen Trinley Dorje.  Each of them has been affiliated to The Tsurphu Labrang.

The first of these groups was established during the mid-nineties in Carmel - California under the support of Ellen GANNON. Although this was the branch initiating Lama Norbu Repa's Dharma activity in the West, this group did not subsit and was reabsorbed into other groups;

The second TNG Dharma group  was established during the year in 1997 in Ipoh-Malaysia under he support of See Foon CHAN-KOPPEN; This led to the establishment of TNG Dzong IPOH in Malaysia which is officially registered at the Tsurphu Labrang;

By the year 2000, Lama Norbu Repa answered the request of Kristine MATTILA to visit Arizona. A Dharma group was born form a series of talks and teachings given by Lama Norbu in Phoenix and Sedona; It is then that Lama Norbu Repa established special ties between the Karmapa and the TNG project. The group is now officially registered at the Tsurphu Labrang under as TNG-Dzong Phoenix in Arizona;

In the year 2008, Christophe Baud requested Lama Norbu to establish a Dharma Centre in the Swiss Valais. After a series of visit, Lama Norbu Repa established there TNG-Dzong Suisse, a community of some thirty students devoted to the practice of Dharma.

TNG Dzongs will be progressively represented on TNG WEB CENTRE thus linking all sangha members to the main organization, providing the Dharma Practitioners with a vast network of interaction with the TNG Centre and the Karma Kamtsang Lineage.

TNG Global Community

The Global community includes

  • the members affiliated to TNG CENTRE in France;
  • the members registered at the TNG-DZONGS.

This group is presented with several topics grouped under the Sangha Corner Section:

  • Karma Yoga;
  • Pilgrimages;
  • Blog.

The TNG WEB CENTRE Registered Members

The TNG Web Centre registered Members addresses the second first level of login and offers a series of information and online services (General Info articles, Forums, Blogs, Teaching Resources etc.) 


All Religious activities held at "TNG Centre®" are operated under a French Cultual Association 1905. All other non-religious activities such as hosting cultural events and seminars, are operated by Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU®, legally registered and audited since February 2000.


TNG-Centre® is located in the South of France, near FOURTOU, a village of the "Haute Vallée des Corbières" in the French department of Aude.

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