Invoking Guru's Blessing & Practicing Paramita

dorje chang yab yum detail 2

October 26th to 29th, 2024 


Ven. Lam Sangyay Tendzin

The Kagyüd School is renowned for its strong emphasis on meditation practice and the profound Guru-disciple relationship, which can guide ordinary beings to Enlightenment within a single lifetime. 

The concept of "Lineage" holds great importance, encompassing both the lineages of blessings and the lineages of experience or realization. 

The "Tsawai Lama" (Root-Guru) is the essential figure who connects and transmits knowledge, awareness, and clarity through an unbroken lineage of realized masters.

The term "Paramita" is derived from the Sanskrit words "param" and "ita". "Param" signifies the other shore (of the ocean of samsara), and "ita" means gone to. 

Though often translated as "perfection," Paramita truly aims for excellency. It must be practiced until it is fully realized in all its aspects. Buddha's methods for practicing each of these aspects are designed to lead practitioners to the ultimate goal of Enlightenment.

This seminar will highlight the core aspects of the Kagyüd School, emphasizing its dedication to meditation and the pivotal Guru-disciple relationship, which together facilitate the path to Enlightenment. It also clarifies the significant role of the "Tsawai Lama" in maintaining and transmitting the lineage of teachings. 

The explanation of "Paramita" underscores its meaning and the necessity of thorough practice to achieve excellence, aligning with Buddha's ultimate goal of reaching Enlightenment.