They are eight major practice traditions in Tibet call the Eight Chariots. These are the Eight major Practices lineages of Tibetan learning and attainment traditions which can be directly traced back through centuries of Tibetan history. These traditions encompass the major schools and lineages within Tibet.

The Eight Traditions, with their key scriptural sources, are as follows:

1) Nyingma Lineage

The main doctrinal lineage of Kama, the Ancient Translation School known as Nyingmapa:

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • Scripture of the Great Assemblage (dü-pa-do);
  • Guhyagarbha Tantra (gyu-thrul drwa-ba);
  • Mind Section (sem-de);
  • The Eight Sadhanas Sections (drub-pa de-gyäd); 
  • The core of Dzogchen, The Heart Essence (nying-thig).

2) Kadampa Lineage

Atisha's lineage, the Old Kadampa School 

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • The Graded Path for the Three Types of Individuals: Lamp of the Path of Enlightenment (jang-chub lam-drön), 
  • Key Instructions of the Practices of Sixteen Spheres (thig-le chu-drug), and similar texts. 

Tsongkhapa and his lineage, the New Kadampa School emphasizes philosophical doctrine.

3) Sakya Lineage

Lineage of the glorious Sakyapa

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • The Instruction on the Nine-fold Path and Result (lam dray).

4) Marpa Kagyüd Lineage

The Four Major Schools and Eight Minor Schools of the lineage of the Marpa Kagyü Tradition

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • The Four Transmitted Precepts Consolidated in One;
  • The Path of Skilful Means;
  • The Six Dharmas of Naropa;
  •  The Path of Liberation Mahamudra.

5) Shangpa Kagyüd Lineage

The Shangpa Kagyüd key scriptural sources include:

  • The Lineage of Yogi Khyungpo Naljor;
  • The Teachings of the Five-fold Ultimate Reality, Thar-thug Nga-dan gyi Chö-kor (Tib.).

6) Zhi-jed and Chöd Lineages: "Pacification of Suffering" and "Genuine Dharma of Severance"

Phadampa Sangye's and Machik Lapdron's lineage:

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • The Pacification of Suffering (zhi-jed);
  • its branch teaching The Genuine Dharma of Severance (Chöd), and related texts.

7) Jo-drug Lineage: "Six Applications"

Vajra Yoga Instruction Lineage

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • The intention of the root Tantras;
  • The essence of all Completion Stage practice (sampanakrama);
  • Six Applications of Kalachakra (Jor-wa yän-lag-drug).

8) Nyendrub Lineage: "Four Branches of Approach and Accomplishment"

The Great Yogi Orgyenpa Rinchenpal's Lineage:

Their key scriptural sources include:

  • the Three Vajra Instructions of Body, Speech, and Mind (Dorje sum-gyi nyen-drub).