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 Tibetan Karma Kamtshang Dharma Centre




Perceived as a religion, a philosophy, or a way of life, Buddhism is a journey into the depth of our being. Mind-training is the anchor of such journey.

By making us discovering the hidden reality of our essential nature, meditation leads us to become aware of our interdependence with those around us.

Realising interdependence means releasing our dependence on constantly wanting to modify our experience of reality according to our conflicting emotions.

Meeting such a challenge is long-term work, of course, but possible!

The fruit of this work leads to awakening or, more simply said, the ability to fully manifest our true nature. It is indeed the heart of Buddhism.


The Karma Kamtshang Lineage

 The Karma Kamtshang lineage is one of the four main lineages of the Kagyudpa School of Tibetan Buddhism. More specifically, it is the lineage initiated by Karmapa DüSum Khyenpa, one of the heart disciples of the Master Gampopa.

Je Gampopa was the holder of the Mahamudra teachings transmitted by the Indian Mahasiddha Tilopa as well as the Kadhampa teachings of the Glorious Pandit Atisha.

From the point of view of its origin, The Karma Kamtshang line is sometimes called "The Dhagpo Kagyud lineage”, in reference to 'Dhagpo', place of residence of Lord Gampopa. From the point of view of its continuity, it is called "The Golden Rosary" referring to the qualities of successive Masters to whom was entrusted the responsibility of 'holder' of the Precious Teachings of Vajradhara Buddha (esoteric aspect of Buddha Sakyamuni).

The lineage is currently entrusted to the 17th Karmapa, His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Dorje.


The Gyalwang Karmapa, His Holiness Orgyen Thrinley Dorje

Palden Dusum Khyenpa, was one of the four heart disciples of Lord Gampopa, heir of Mahamudra teachings of the greatest Tibetan Yogi, Milarepa as well as of the Kadhampa teachings of Glorious Atisha.

Since then, He reincarnated in a line of outstanding spiritual masters known as The Karmapa. and established a lineage known as the Karma Kamtshang School of Tibetan Buddhism.

In 1992, the 17th Incarnation, His Holiness Orgyen Thrinley Dorje, was recognised and enthroned at the Tsurphu Monastery, the Main Seat of the Karmapas, built n the Tolung valley, Central Tibet by DüSum Khyenpa at the age of 85.

Lama Gelong Sangyay Tendzin aka Lama Norbu Répa

Trained initially as a "rimed yogi" of Tibetan Buddhism, Venerable Gelong Sangyay Tendzin, aka Lama Norbu Repa, practices and propagates the teachings of the Karma Kamtshang lineage.

His traditional approach to Buddha Dharma emphasizes the development of wisdom through Listening, Studying and Practicing the teachings received from an authentic Lineage Holder.

Lama Sangyay Tendzin was born in Belgium in 1949. He spent more than two decades in the Himalaya, studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism with eminent masters .

Lama came back to Europe and established THEG-CHOG NORBU LING in France in 1999 where he resides ever since.


Situated on a remote location in the countryside, "Theg-Chog Norbu Ling" offers a unique window of access to the study and practice of the Buddha Dharma in the Tibetan Karma Kamtshang Tradition.

"Theg-Chog Norbu Ling" manages the religious activities of TNG-Centre. It is primarily established as a retreat centre to allow intense daily practice of meditation. It is supported by a mixed community of a dozen residents including monks, nuns, and laypeople.

On a nearby property, "Theg-Chog Norbu Ling" will soon offer two-day softer retreats and workshops held over weekends in the form of a Wellness Centre. These programs will include basic mind training, practice of calm abiding, Tai Chi exercises, Sound Movement Therapy, Ayurvedic-Cooking classes, dancing classes etc.


Konchog Tsegpa Parkhang Dharma Publishing House

KTP - Konchog Tsegpa Parkhang is a Dharma Publishing House initiated by Venerable Gelong Sangyay Tendzin under the auspices of His Holiness Karmapa. KTP is thus registered at the Tshurphu Labrang since 2009.

The publications consist of Sadhanas practiced by the Karma Kamtshang Dharma practitioners in the west as well as textbooks reproducing the transcript of seminars supporting the various Sadhana practices, given by Lama Sangyay Tendzin at THEG-CHOG NORBU LING and Dzongs over the last 30 years.

All KTP publications are available through TNG Dharma Shop at TNG Centre.

There is an on-going project to have e-versions of these publications in the near furture available for download under specific restrictions in accordance with the ethics of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU

The Association 1901 Dra Tagpa Ritru is a French Association operating all non-religious activities managed at the TNG-Centre. It is lefally registered in February 2000 under the SIRET #: 443 569 05800011.

On this site, you will have access to:

  • Administration (Statutes, memberships, last minutes AGA);
  • The Facilities (Everything you want to know about Living at TNG);
  • The Exteriors (Gardens, bio-gardening, environmental protection);
  • WWOOFING at TNG (TNG-Wwoof, previous Wwoofers comments, registration form).



Wishing to provide a less formal access to meditation and Tibetan Buddhism, TNG Centre® offers Wwoofing programs.

These activities are conducted through the adhesion to the international Wwoofing Network; they concern the following sectors:

  • Biodynamic gardening and active participation in the development of a vegetable garden feeding the community;
  • Harvesting and storage of products;
  • Maintenance and development of the residential floral park;
  • Life in nature and innovating local solution to the eco-treatment of agricultural nuisances;
  • General property maintenance.



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Amongst the many ways to practice generosity,

the gift of Dharma is the highest one.



 Domaine Le Moulin,
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Route des Fermes, 9

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18, Jalan Kelatan,
Canning Garden
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6432 E Hubbell Street
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Arizona, USA



TNG-Centre®  is located nearby the village of FOURTOU,
in the Haute Vallée des Corbières in Aude.

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Association 1901 DRA TAGPA RITRU®
SIRET # 443 569 05800011
Association 1905 THEG-CHOG NORBU LING®:
SIRET # 851599316 00011


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