" Tashi Deleg,

Welcome to Theg-Chog Norbu Ling®, TNG-Centre®, The Sanctuary of the Unsurpassable Jewel Path.

Let me acknowledge the important decision you have made to abandon your worldly life for a while to do something very meaningful. Just like Prince Siddhartha who became the Buddha by practicing countless austerities during six years. Now you have taken this noble gesture to follow the example of the Buddha. It is truly marvellous!

Why is a retreat so beneficial and how can it benefit all sentient beings? 

Like many great masters in Tibet, retreats were done especially in their early life.  This is called « First liberate yourself by developing true wisdom and compassion ». In this way we can help others to open their heart and mind to achieve liberation. 

What is the most important thing to do in my retreat?

Of course, during your retreat, due to previous negative karma and habitual patterns, you will experience conflicting emotions.  Remember everyone here is on the same path, therefore it is important to be gentle with yourself when strong emotions arise and to be kind to others. This means apply loving kindness, compassion, resilience and appreciation for everyone, rather than reacting and bursting into emotional response.

How do I get the most of my retreat?

I would recommend transfer whatever you are experiencing into a meditative awareness.  "Although it is not at all easy, to cultivate mindfulness in your meditation, learning to become aware of your thoughts rather than getting lost in vain distractions, is really the heart of Dharma practice! Develop this in your formal practice, in karma-yoga, eating, walking etc. Soon your mind will experience a sense of calmness and serenity. Before you become fully conscious of it, the practice of Dharma will transform your whole being.

I wish your retreat experience to be be filled with joyful efforts and contentment. May it blessed by infinite Buddhas and Bodhisattvas."

Lama Sangyay Tendzin


 All year round, members have the possibility to practice in retreat at TNG-Drubdra.


Please contact directly Ven. Lama Sangyay Tendzin  by  EMAIL .

Access to this service implies to be a member of the Association managing TNG-Centre.

 Consult  HERE  for a choice of available Memberships

Concerning your retreat, the boarding at TNG-Drubdra (TNG-Retreat Centre), is not charged per se.

Considered as guests, retreatants are nevertherless invited to make a suggested donation representing his/her participation to the boarding costs covering full boarding, three meals a day, heating, as well as the use of the facilities put at the retreatants disposal : laundry, meditation hall, multimedia library, residential park and parking area.


Suggested participation to the cost boarding & facilities 


Staying at the centre implies a daily participation to the community in the form of two hours of  Karma Yoga