Teaching his disciples by demonstrating his miraculous abilities and various powers would not have been the best way to establish them on the path of liberation.

The best way for Buddha Shakyamuni choose to bring them to that wisdom and liberation was to point out the very truth of things; to point out the way things really are. So this is indeed what he did: He showed the truth of suffering, explaining them The Four Noble Truths and distinguished between the two levels of reality: 'Kun-dzob' or relative and 'Dön-dam'or absolute.

By seeing the way things really are, the adepts learned how to eliminate their mistakes and their delusions. Eliminating one’s mistakes and delusions automatically destroys the causes of ones suffering and hardships. This allows one to progressively reach the state of liberation and great wisdom.

The articles of this section are exerpts of a public teaching given by Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche