“Tashi Deleg!”

Greetings in Tibetan to extend our welcome & the well wishes of auspiciousness to you. 


Public guided visits:

Saturdays Visits between 3:00PM and 5:00PM.

Fees: Visitors are invited to contribute to the development of TNG-Centre®.

10.00 €/person                 5.oo € for child (under 12)

Visit lasts one hours – At the beginning of the visit a guide will welcome you to show you around the site and share information about the architecture, the decorations, the history and activities of TNG-Centre®

The date and times will be determined in collaboration with TNG-Centre® and should be confirmed no later than 7 days before the visit.

A Private meeting with the resident Lama

Lama Sangyay Tendzin can be arranged upon request, whenever he is in residence:Private interviews

Please fill-in this form to pre-book your visit. 

Our visitors are requested to respect the inner peace of the monastery. Showing your appreciation of the work accomplished by our benevolent residents is much appreciated.