Nyung Nay Retreat

chenr 1000

July 30 to August 06, 2024

By Ven. Lama Sangyay Tendzin


Benefits of doing Nyung Nay Fasting

Taking the Sojong vows purifies one not to fall into the Hell Realm;

Fasting purifies one not to be reborn in the Hungry Ghosts Realm;

Keeping Silence purifies one not to be reborn in the Animal Realm.


For the Environment

It is a most effective practice to purify environmental pollution; the power of group retreat creates efficient method to extend our lives, stop disease, drought and war.


Happiness and Harmony

Practice all the above increases our positive influences and thereby bring a happy mind.


Increasing Spiritual Growth:

One gains insight with listen to the NyungNay teachings, study & inner reflection by meditation.

*During this retreat we will practice three sets of NyungNay ( 3 cycles) for a total of 8 days including a day of preparation.


Preparation for your retreat

What to observe

Please abide by the following Basic Code of Discipline:

  • Take necessary measures to avoid any external communication.
  • Arrange the logistics of your return trip before the start of the retreat.
  • Inform that you will not be reachable for the duration of the retreat.
  • Participate to One Cycle or all Three Cycles.
  • Not walk aimlessly nor leave the property for the entire retreat.
  • Laptop - phones will be left behind, entrusted to the office upon registration.
  • Adopt a gentle behaviour, regard everyone as deities in the mandala.

What to bring

  • Mala to be used only for Chenrezig mantra - best is crystal.
  • Enough clean clothes to comply to the Kriya Tantra emphasized cleanliness.
  • Clothing should be comfortable, loose-fitting and appropriate; no shorts or sleeveless shirts.


  • To have formally taken Refuge.
  • To have received Thousand-Armed Chenrezig Initiation which requires taking the Bodhisattva Vows. 
  • If not, to have received a complete initiation (Wang) from one of the three higher classes of Tantra, or an initiation of one of the deities of the Buddha or Padma family of Kriya Tantra.


To register, please inform the office at tng-office@tngcentre.org.

Registrations will close on July 25, 2024.