Our commitment to the Earth…


At TNG®, we strongly believe the importance of looking after the health of our planet.

We believe we can all make a difference everyday by being mindful of how we relate to our local environment. Leading a sustainable life is our daily commitment and our way to provide for the next generations.

Some insights into how we accomplish this…

Building with locally sourced organic materials

    • We use stones from our river and local wood for building, as well as natural chalk and paint.

Growing sustainable food to feed our community


    • We have over 50 fruit trees and two large organic gardens which provide for the community, and we choose vegetarian diet.

Practicing Bio Forest-Composting

Leftovers of fruits and vegetables are composted to help the soil retain moisture


Protecting daily the Environment in small ways that add up…


    • We produce and use non-invasive laundry detergent and cleaning products to meet our needs
  • purin_jpg.jpg 
    • We use mulch and other recycling materials to minimize the usage of water for the flowers and vegetable cultures

Recycling everything possible

    • We recycle as much as we can, thus limiting waste and excessive consumption 

Leading a healthy lifestyle

    • The use of smoke and drugs is prohibited on site. 
    • Support local shops and buy in bulk and request paper rather than in plastic.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    • We install Wood Heating System for buildings, fuelled by our own renewable resources. We adopt low energy devices, such as appliances and lightbulbs.

Smart Water usage

    • Aware of how water is precious and scarce, all usage is done parsimoniously including our Bio-cultures. 
    • The community is provided with well-water equipped with water treatment unit, thus avoiding regular use of plastic water bottles.

Responsible Waste Management

    • With our own recycling and composting system, we manage food waste efficiently
    • We eliminate use of plastic cups and minimizing the use of disposable utensils during large events. Our sewage waste system is sustainable.


    • Use public transport when possible or car sharing.

Cultivation & Manufacture of Medicinal Plants for healing.


Wishing the extraordinary flora present in the natural whose goal is to promote the recognition and use of the many local medicinal plants.


You can find out more on the natural medicinal plants from



In year 2K, liaising with a local biologist, Theg-Chog Norbu Ling® participated in the reinsertion of local extinguishe species of rare insects. Because of our pristine river, rare water animals and birds are finding a refuge here.