As one progresses in one’s formal spiritual practice, one gets to use the offering of tormas prescribed in more advanced rituals invoking the Gurus, The Yidam deities and the protectors of Wisdom.

The transmission of empowerments in the esoteric vehicle of Secret Mantra calls the practitioner to be visiting their Gurus and Lineage masters in their monasteries and take part in extensive ceremonies where they are exposed to all sorts of tormas.

To develop a little clarity on the subject, here is a most brief description of the varieties and  names of the tormas one may encounter in one’s practice. 



Is a general term referring to tormas that are added as daily complements to the offering tormas such as “Chöd-Tor” or “Drub-Tor”, which are kept on the shrine for the duration of the practice.


“Chäd-Tor” - Oath Torma 

destined to oath-bound deities. It is offered while proclaiming to the protectors the oaths of their former contracts.


“Chöd-Tor” - Offering Tormas and “Drub-Tor” - Practice Tormas

This term refers specifically to the so-to-say ‘permanent’ offering tormas that are kept on the shrine for the duration of a practice. (be it months or years!)


“Däs-Tor” - Supramundane Torma

In the Sarma tradition, this refers to the tormas offered to the ‘wisdom deities’ , the ‘yeshepas’.


“Geg-Tor” - Obstructer Torma

Given to appease the guests at the beginning of a practice. It s also referred to as “preliminary torma” or “Departure Torma”


“Gyun-Tor” - Daily Torma  and “Thün-Tor” - Session Torma

Torma offered daily as a gift; the ‘Thun Tor’ is offered at the end of every sessions.


“Jong Tor” - Purification Torma


“Kang-Tor” - Fulfilment or appeasement Tormas


“Kar-Tor” - White Torma


“Mar-Tor” - Red Torma


“Ma-Dás-Tor” - Mundane Torma 


“Män-Tor” - Medicine or Amrita Torma


“Ngän-Tor” - Gift torma


“Ngön-Tor” - Preliminary torma


“Nying-Zug” - Heart-shaped Torma

Specifically addresses the main deity torma (Ten-Tor)


“Pal-Tor” - Glorious Torma


“Phug-Tor” - Conclusion Torma


“Solka Torma” - Supplication Torma


“Ta-Tor” - Pledge Torma

It is kept on the shrine until the end of the practice and usually offered upon completion so that the activity will not be delayed.


“Ten-Tor” - Basis Torma

A torma that is visualised as the deity and is kept in place for as long as the deity is fed and satisfied with offerings.


“Tor-For” - Torma Weapon


“Thrug-Kang Torma” - A torma for the fulfilment and appeasement of the disturbed.


“Tse-Dän-Bam Torma “ - A ganachakra torma in the shape of a human being


“Yang-Tor - Good fortune Torma.